Selected results of Payment Methods Survey of Companies in Switzerland 2023

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Schweizerische Nationalbank (SNB) Bern
Schweizerische Nationalbank (SNB) Bern

In spring 2023, the Swiss National Bank conducted its second Payment Methods Survey of Companies in Switzerland. Around 1,750 companies participated in the survey, covering all size categories, language regions and industries (excluding large retailers and financial institutions).1

Initial results on the acceptance of payment methods and cash logistics show:

Transfer and payment against invoice are the most frequently accepted payment methods, followed by cash, the acceptance of which is virtually unchanged from 2021. As was already the case in 2021, the most important reason for accepting a given payment method is customer needs.

The network of ATMs and bank branches is of key importance to the companies for the supply and return of cash.
In comparison with 2021, more companies report that a decline in the local cash infrastructure (ATMs, bank branches and post offices) would have a negative impact on them with regard to cash supply and returns (62% compared with 52% in 2021).

Further selected results are available at A detailed report on the results of the survey is due to be published at the beginning of 2024.

1 More information on the methodology used is available at Payment Methods Survey of Companies in Switzerland 2023.

Swiss National Bank

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