Focus on the circular economy: dormakaba receives further product certifications for recycled content  

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GreenCircle Certification System
GreenCircle Certification System

dormakaba has received further certifications for using recycled materials in its products from the internationally recognized, independent organization GreenCircle Certified. In doing so, dormakaba is making an important contribution to promoting a circular economy. With the 23 newly issued certificates, dormakaba can now offer its customers product certifications for all door closers manufactured in Singapore, in addition to the 16 certifications already in place since 2021 for door hardware manufactured in the USA.

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With the new product certifications for recycled content from GreenCircle Certified, dormakaba is once again demonstrating the success of its sustainability initiatives. GreenCircle Certified is a globally recognized organization that assesses and certifies sustainability standards for products, services, and operations. Their recycled content certification focuses on verifying and validating the use of recycled materials in products that are critical in reducing waste, conserving natural resources, and reducing environmental impact.

To obtain these product certifications from GreenCircle Certified, dormakaba has provided detailed information on the origin of the recycled materials, the percentage of recycled materials, and the dormakaba manufacturing processes. GreenCircle Certified has carefully checked and validated this information.

We are delighted about the further GreenCircle Certified certifications. Issuing these certificates for recycled content is an important milestone reflecting dormakaba’s commitment to a circular economy. Our customers increasingly request such certificates as they must meet strict requirements for sustainable construction. To continue supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals, we regularly evaluate and expand our product-related sustainability information. For example, we want to double our sustainability-related product declarations and certifications to have at least 340 by 2027, including the cradle-to-cradle certificate and certificates for recycled content. We have received over 250 sustainability-related product declarations and certifications to date. This means we are well on the way to covering our entire product portfolio,“ says Lea Rammelmann, Lead Product Sustainability at dormakaba.

As an industry pioneer, dormakaba continuously integrates the latest product life cycle approaches and environmental technologies to improve its sustainability performance. In 2023, as a first step towards the circular economy, dormakaba committed to using an internally developed „EcoDesign Specification Template“ for all new product developments. This template contains guidelines and strict specifications on energy consumption, material selection, longevity/durability, reparability, adaptability, disassembly, and packaging materials.

An overview of our sustainability-related product declarations and certifications can be found on the dormakaba website.

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